Recently, I wrote an essay in which I referred to my mom as a “deeply neurotic” woman. I didn’t feel entirely comfortable doing so; part of me suspected that the phrase would bother her. But this feeling was confusing. After all, I didn’t think I was saying anything new. I’ve written a fair amount about […]


Dear – When I was a boy, I wanted to be president. I thought I should be. Not because I was uniquely talented – though Mom was pumping plenty of that in my ear – but because, deep down, I believed that it would make my life worthy. That if I could succeed in attaining […]


Rap, Black Suffering, and OCD

by Matt B. on October 21, 2015

So you love rap – but you don’t listen to it anymore. Just – ambiently. Like, if it’s on at a party or in someone’s car, I get excited. I mean, the lyrics are almost uniformly boring. Of course they’re often magnificently clever and crazily inventive, but they’re usually about one thing – how great […]


Letters to a Child I Might Have One Day (Part 1)

by Matt B. on October 20, 2015

Dear – I don’t know what to call you, because you haven’t been conceived yet. I don’t know if you ever will be. But I know that if I your mother and I do create you one day, I’ll want to be able to say some things to you. And I’m not very good impromptu, […]


Dear – In my last couple of letters, I’ve been pretty nasty toward Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush, and some of our other presidential candidates. Aren’t I being hypocritical here? I’m always yammering on about compassion, after all. Or maybe I’m just hiding behind the screen, indulging in the kind of bullying that leaves so many […]


Just the Right Amount of Contempt: Or, What Digital Nomads Taught Me About Politics

October 18, 2015

Dear – This past week, your uncle Dan was in town to run his annual conference for digital nomads and location-independent entrepreneurs. These folks make their living on the internet – finding ways to monetize small corners of the universe, and using their income to fund travel and exploration. When Dan first started talking about this location-independent […]

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Hillary as Black Hole, Bernie as 19th-Century Throwback, Author as Inebriated

October 17, 2015

Dear – I got drunk again last night, and I’m glad. I opened up. I found my own life interesting, my feelings worth talking about. Much of the time, I don’t. I’m too used to the scenery. N asks me about my day, and I’m unsure what to say – so much of it feels […]

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